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Instead of putting together a whole diatribe on the Ghosts of Yellowstone 100M and having you read and read and read, and look for answers to some of your basic questions, we decided to put together the SIMPLE FAQ's on the Ghosts of Yellowstone 100M. This can be constituted as a Runner's Book, but be sure to read through our "Runner's Rules". We expect each participant to read through the information below.

A downloadable format is located in the convenient "ALL RACE INFO HERE" tab. Other information such as aid station info, turnsheets, maps, crew access, pacer pick-up locations, schedule of events, and etc can be found here.

Below is a list of the Simple FAQ’s on the Ghosts of Yellowstone 100M

Where does the race start and finish? The Ghosts of Yellowstone 100M will start and finish in front of the Old Pony School in Pony, Montana.  The Command Post for the 50M and 100M will be in the Old Pony Gym.

Where will I be able to park?  Parking will be within short walk of the Old Pony School and Gym.  Pony is a small and close knit town.  Everything within Pony is less than a ¼ mile walk.  We will have some parking available at the Old Pony School.  The local roads are available for parking, but PLEASE do not park block someone’s driving way.  In a loose sense, this will be a small violation of the “Laws of the Land.” 

What time does my race start?  The Ghosts of Yellowstone 100M will start @ 0600am. 

What day will the race start on?  The Ghosts of Yellowstone will start on 21 AUG 2014.

When will the race finish?  It will finish on 22 AUG 2014 at 8:00PM.

How much time do I have to finish?  There will be a 38hour time limit on the 100M. 

When and where is the pre-race check in? The pre-race check-in will be on Thursday afternoon from 2:00pm to 4:30pm in Bozeman.  This is about a 45 minute scenic drive from Pony.  The location will be Hilton Garden Inn.  Bring drop bags with you at this time.

Is there a pre-race meeting?  Yes.  The pre-race meeting is mandatory for all 100M runners. It will be held promptly at 4:30pm on Thursday afternoon in Bozeman.  It will be at the Hilton Garden Inn immediately following pre-race check-in.

Will there be a check-in the morning before the start?  Yes, all runners ARE REQUIRED to check-in the morning of.  This will be inside the Old Pony Gym.  We will have a light breakfast starting at 0430 until the start of the 100M. The morning check-in will be from 0430 to 0530.

How many aid stations will there be? We will have 11 aid stations and 4 Safety Points.  Distance will vary between each of one.  Please refer to the Ghost of Yellowstone turnsheet and maps.  Maps are available thru www.beartoothpublishing.com for mileage).  We recommend purchasing one, learning the course, and carrying it with you during the run.

What is the distance between aid stations?  The distances between aid stations are identified on your mileage and turnsheet. 

Will drop bags will allowed for the 100M?  Yes.  Please refer to the mileage and turn sheet for details on drop bag locations.

What is a reasonable size for a drop bag?  Ever been on a plane.  Please limit the size of your bag to an 18” x 18” x 24” carry-on.  Clearly write your LAST NAME, BIB#, and AID STATION NAME on your (each) drop bag.   

What is the total elevation gain?   Everyone has their own GPS, so you will find out when you are done ;-)  Early estimates are around 25,500 ft.  With a collocated start and finish location, we will not insult you with an aggregate gain and loss.

Are pacers and crews (and crew access points) allowed?   YES, but we will have some constraints due to federal NEPA restrictions.  Please refer to the turn sheet information detailing crew access and pacer pick-up locations.  Violators WILL be dealt with in a STERN fashion.

What if I decide to break any of the “run rules”?  Bottom line:  We are guests and stewards of the Beaverhead Lodge National Forest, the Madison and Jefferson Ranger Districts, the town of Pony and its residents.  Do not read in between the lines. Please be mindful of the event parameters.  Violators jeopardize our ability to host this event in the out years, our relationship with the U.S. Forest Service, and WILL be disqualified.  This extends to the crews and pacers of each participant.

How is the terrain on the course?  The course will be run on trails. It will be a combination of single track trail, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) trail, and nicely groomed fire road……and ok, about 400 yards of road until you get out of Pony.  If you want to throw some percentages at it, it is approximately 80% single track and 19.5% ATV and fire road, and 0.5% hardball road.

What are the cutoff times? The 100M will be 38 hours.  Runners will be expected to average 22.81 minutes/min throughout the event to be an official finisher.  Please refer to the cut-off time sheet for a listing of aid stations and cut-off times.

Where is the nearest airport? Pony is strategically located 40 minutes from Ennis, 50 minutes from Bozeman, and 1hour and 15 minutes from Butte.   The ideal airport to fly into will be Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport, http://www.bozemanairport.com/.  It is a beautiful drive, within eyesight of over six (6) different Montana mountain ranges.  An additional cost effective flight option is Billings, MT. But please note it is about a two plus hour drive from Bozeman.

Where are the nearest and/or best accommodations? The top locations to consider for lodging are listed below.  If you are traveling and this is a destination race for you, your priorities below may vary.  Thus, we would recommend runners prioritize based on their personal travel comforts.  In the coming months, we will be working with a few establishments in Whitehall and Ennis to centralize and hopefully receive discounts lodging rates.

1)      Bozeman, Montana
2)      Ennis, Montana
Potosi Campground:  A quick drive of 10 miles from Pony.  Arrangements are first come, first serve. Follow the link below:


4)      The Old Pony Gym:  We will be allowing runners only to stay, since we will be having an early start.  Bring your own sleeping bag, and etc.  Bathrooms, running water, tables, and chairs will be available, but no showers.  This option will be available when you register on-line.  Cost $10.00
5)  Car camping is available in the parking area around the Old Pony Gym.  Due to the permitting of the Old Pony Gym, there is a small fee for tents in the parking area.  Cost: $15.00 
Rent a local Guest or Ranch House.  This is a great option if you will be traveling with your family, or a few friends.

Pony is a long way from most lodging accommodations.  How do I get to the start?  Runners are welcome to drive to the start/finish in Pony.  From Bozeman we will be offering a shuttle from each of the race hotels to Pony prior to the start of the 100M.  There is no additional charge for the shuttle.  Please signup for the at the MANDATORY pre-race brief.    

What will the 100M finisher award be?  All 100M finishers will receive an award.  Well, we guess you will have to finish to find out.  It is a ghost town and historic mining town in Montana.  We promise that you will enjoy and earn your award.

Are there award categories?  YES.  The awards categories will be overall male and overall females.  Awards will be three (3) deep in each category.  We will have cash awards for the top three overall males and top three overall females.  Please see award section web page.  Age group places will be posted on your ultrasignup.com profile.  We will have a raffle drawing for folks making the post-race party immediately following the race.

What are the average weather conditions in the area? Expect a wide range of temperatures during this event.  In the evenings at elevation, temperatures can drop into the high 20s and low 30s in the early hours of the morning.  Temperatures during the day can range from the mid 70s to mid 80s.  The monthly average temperature in Pony ranges from 44F to 83F, with 1.25 inches of rain in AUG.

Am I required to prove that I’ve completed a race of another distance in order to qualify to register for the 100M? YES; 100M are arduous events.  We ask that all participants complete at least one 2; 2 rated 100M within the last year (as by www.ultrarunning.com difficulty scale) or a 3; 3 or greater event within the two years prior to the race date.  We will stand fast by this “run rule”.  If you do not believe, then JUST TRY to deceive.  We do not consider this a “first timers” event and incorporate this rule for your safety.  Any questions, please contact us at AlexP@mysteryranch.com .

Are there any qualifying races if I have not run a 100M?  Yes, we have five (5) regional qualifying races.  These race have been selected because 1) they are regional to the Ghosts of Yellowstone and 2) each has various challenges that will be found in the Ghosts of Yellowstone.  Each qualifying race must be run within fifteen months (15) of the Ghosts of Yellowstone for which the runner wants to enter (i.e. 2013 Big Horn 50M qualifies for 2014 GoY 100M).  The qualifying races are:

                    1)  The Fools Gold 50M
                    2)  The RUT 50K
                    3)  Old Gabe 50K
                    4)  The Devil's Backbone  50M
                    5)  The Elkhorn 50M
                    6)  Big Horn 50M

What will be used to mark the trails?  Pretty much the same fair as other 100M races. High visibility flagging, reflective markers, LED lights, and USFS signs that mark junctions. Runners will also be provided with a small map with detailed directions of each junction through out the race…..but we highly recommend that you take the time and money and purchase your own!  Learn the terrain and the course.  This has been shown to increase your opportunities for success in an ultra-running event.

This course is in the backcountry of the Tobacco Roots.  Will I have cell phone coverage?   It is unlikely that you will have cell phone reception at the Aid Stations.  Most aid stations and the Start/Finish will have HAM radio operators to relay runner positions and any additional other runner needs.  In addition, we will have local Search and Rescue professionals available at aid station to support runner needs.

Will the registration price increase after a certain date? NO!!!.  The price will be $250.00 for the 100M.  The race will be limited to 100 runners.  We expect slots to fill quickly.  There will not be any price increases in the future, though we cannot predict any price fluctuations outside of our supply chain!

Can I get a refund if I’m not able to run?  We will offer a 75% refund to requests prior to and thru 30 APR.  After 30 APR, a 50% refund will be made for any requests made until one month prior to the schedule start date of the Ghosts of Yellowstone 100M.  Please understand that a CONSIDERABLE of planning and logistics goes on for any endurance event, before, during, and even after the race is complete. 

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